Try our Housewine, Ursprung 1872 and WellDone as 1,5 liter magnum bottle

What are magnum bottles?

Magnum bottles are wine bottles with a capacity of 1.5 liters, which is twice as much as a standard bottle (0.75 liters). They are not only larger, but also more impressive in appearance. This stately bottle size has a long tradition in the wine world and is often associated with special occasions and festive celebrations.

Taste advantage: Better maturation

The larger bottle volume in relation to the quantity of wine means that aging takes place more slowly. This allows the wine to evolve naturally and develop complex flavors. The wine in magnum bottles can therefore achieve greater depth and complexity.

Taste advantage: Optimum oxygen supply

The larger bottle neck and lower air-to-wine ratio mean that less oxygen enters the bottle. This reduces the oxidation of the wine and the wine retains its freshness and vivacity for a longer period of time.

Slower Aging Process

The larger quantity of wine in the bottle reduces the influence of temperature fluctuations, which leads to a more stable aging process. The wine in magnum bottles maintains its quality and structure for a longer period of time and ages more harmoniously.