Our wines from the volcanic region of Styria

Frizzante Rosé

An experience for the palate. You have never tasted your Frizzante Rosé like this before. Only red grapes and little residual sweetness make our PinkSummer something very special.

Beat in a Bottle

Our new white wine cuvée is bottled and ready. Look forward to a special composition, captivating taste and our Beat in a Bottle. ♥

Our winery has existed since 1872

With the new origin 1872 we remember our long history and see this as a homage to the past and the future.

Sauvignon Blanc

The single variety Sauvignon Blanc wellDone byHeinrich is characterized by its fine acidity and seduces with an exotic nose and hints of passion fruit. With its balanced variety of aromas and a pleasant finish, it is a true taste experience.

Edition: Pure Classic

Zweigelt Pure Classic byHeinrich is a red wine that reflects the characteristic features of the grape variety and the volcanic land. It has a deep red color, a complex aroma spectrum of dark berry fruits, spices and a subtle woody note from aging in small wooden barrels.

Edition: Pure Classic

The pure Chardonnay Pure Classic byHeinrich is an elegant wine with fine acidity, The nose shows light exotic notes and hints of banana and wood, which give the wine a pleasing aromatic complexity.

Edition: Pure Classic

On the nose, Muscat presents intense aromas of fresh grapes, citrus fruits and exotic spices.

The typical notes of nutmeg are clearly recognizable and give the wine an enticing fragrance.

The wine is fresh and lively on the palate with a crisp acidity that blends perfectly with the light sweetness.



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