The history of our winery begins already in 1872 in Styria

The Origin

We took our 150th anniversary as an opportunity to set everything to zero and completely re-envision everything.

K. Heinrich becomes byHeinrich

Classic becomes modern

The new style of the house is called "neo-Styrian"


The Result

byHeinrich Wine is made for THE moment.

Authentic, powerful, immediately drinkable, with the typical character of the volcanic land.

It is fun to drink and at the same time easy to appreciate. It is the perfect companion for the beautiful moments and harmonizes with many dishes. The friend for many occasions and every palate.

Der Winzer

The Wine-Maker

René Heinrich


29.6.85 born in Fürstenfeld (AT)

Vocational training: as a winery and cellar professional

Married, 2 sons

Wine maker with passion

Style: neo-Styrian

Source of strength: the family

Mission: To develop our terroir to the extent that our children and grandchildren will still enjoy it

Interests: Winemaking, good food, medicine, local hunting, culture, architecture, design, travel


Times have never been better for drinking good wine. With this view in mind, we are in the best company.

The richness of varieties in our vineyards and modern wine-making The result is excellent wines.


The Motto

Modern wines are what the country needs!

Away from the pure classic, towards round, expressive blends and cuvées that caress the palate. The subject of wine must be made accessible to a broader and also younger audience. This involves both the taste and the price.

byHeinrich DNA

byHeinrich is more than just wine

byHeinrich stands for a certain attitude towards life

byHeinrich is young, dynamic, fun-loving, successful

byHeinrich loves pleasure, is usually in a good mood and strives for balance

For this we work hard every day, with great dedication and passion

Our reward is the best possible result in the product and our steadily growing fan community


The Roots

The wine-growing roots, now 150 years old, date back to the paternal great-grandparents, who mainly farmed, but have always produced wine for their own consumption or serving on a small scale.

René was 5 years old when his parents took over the paternal grandparents' vineyards in 1990. Coming from a background of mixed farming, they begin to practice professional winemaking.

In a way, the love and understanding for winemaking is began in his cradle.

The evolution

After his apprenticeship as a winemaker, René changes to the Sales Department of the largest winemaking accessories manufacturer in Austria to round out his knowledge.

In 2014, he finally made the switch to self-employment and an extremely successful trading company for medical technology was created.

As a passionate hunter, however, his love of wine and nature has always remained with him, so it was only a matter of time before he returned to his roots.

Just in time for the 150th anniversary, René took over his parents' winery in May 2022.

...and starts from scratch....


The conditions

Located in southeastern Styria, the volcanic region is the upcoming shooting star from Austria.

Climate and location are and always will be the elementary prerequisites for the quality of the wine. The climate change is also increasingly resulting in outstanding wines ripening here, mainly on brown earth and volcanic soils.

The byHeinrich vineyards are characterized by the best sites and a healthy mix of partly very sandy to strongly clayey soils. The wine-growing areas, which are generally not exposed to great weather extremes, are located on the 47th and 48th latitude and are comparable to the French Burgundy. Excellent conditions then...


The Journey

Anything is possible

In summary, everything revolves around balance. byHeinrich has all the stylistic tools of "Modern Winemaking" at its disposal to achieve and ensure consistently high quality.

It takes a lot of time to change something in the vineyard. In the cellar, on the other hand, change determines the path.

byHeinrich prefers cuvées and blends. With the Cuvéetierung you have the possibility as a winegrower to react to the annual climatic challenges. In the annual interplay, the weather favors different grape varieties. The result determines the subsequent proportional distribution in the bottle. In the blend, the stakes are even higher with different vintages. With the existing wine knowledge and great attention to detail, we manage to develop our own style, which in a sense contains the byHeinrich DNA.

The Foundation

Chardonnay, Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris

Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt, Syrah